My permanent crowns give me pain when I eat or drink, and the gums surrounding the crowns swell up. : Dentistry


I had 2 root canals performed 2 years ago, and ever since then the crowns feel sensitive and I feel pain whenever I bite down(sometimes unbearable) or whenever any kind of pressure is on them. It hurts to floss, it’s sensitive to temperatures, and swells up as well. A week after procedures, I complained to the dentist and they told me it’s normal because those aren’t my real teeth. I haven’t revisited that office because when I returned for the permanent crown, my tooth wasn’t cleaned and I questioned it but the assistant said it’s not a problem. Then she messed a filling on my front tooth up caused a giant cavity in the process, and the doctor apologized but the apology wasn’t able to fix the problems. I did research on my symptoms, and the only conclusion I can come up with is failed root canals. I am currently abroad and have visited dentists – one of them said nothing is wrong and the other says I have cysts in the canals which is caused by failed root canals. The doctor said it’s visible on the X-ray. Now I have pictures of my teeth and x-rays, if any one can help me find answers that would be greatly appreciated. I am honestly scared to see dentists in the country I’m in and I cannot return to the US, but I must go soon as my teeth can only hold so long.


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