My gums have been receeding for some time now but only now I noticed the tartar (?) buildup seems to be already bellow the gum line? : Dentistry



Here’s a pic. This is maybe my worst case. I’m pushing 40 and never had many dental care (I’m the one to blame). My teeth are considerably big and my bite is quite open otherwise teeth are somewhat aligned. Used braces during my teen years but the last one was during sleep only (some kind of pushing thing wrapped around the head) and it was so unconfortable and messing with my sleep and day that I put it aside and never came back to it. I havn’t been to a dentist for maybe 15 years but in the last ones my country started to have dentist apointments in the national health system. I went to two, last december and the next january to do a cleaning. She said all was good I just need to be consistent with brushing/flossing. I don’t belive it the least and so I am looking for a private one, as I feel shes not very interested in the job (long story, from what I saw).

Anyway, Covid-19 happened and I think with all the stress and bad sleep my issues have worsen. Trying to get an appointment as soon as they reopen but I wanted to ask if this build up is already under the gum? These last 2 days it hurt a bit and I noticed it receeded a milimeter or so but the yellow build up also appeard so suddently that it seems it was already there. If so, is this a case of where I need root scaling (not sure what it is but I’ve been reading this sub recently)? Can the gum regenerate after treatment or will I have that “drop” on the gum forever? Are there any treatments or procedures to fix it? I have it on other teeth and I can’t seem to make it go away with just brushing, flossing and mouthwash. I dont have any other complains about my mouth health other than the bite and salient front teeth that mess up a bit with my insecurities but I’m more interested in recovering my health first more than the aesthetic. Thanks!


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