My girlfriend started to work as a dentist and cannot coop with stress and anxiety : Dentistry


I am sorry if the title sounds confusing, English is not my first language, but I will try to be as clear as possible.

My girlfriend and I graduated in june 2020, we started to work as dentists in two separate NHS/private clinics in January. While I can say that my overall experience is positive, my girlfriend cannot really coop with stress and anxiety the work is giving her. She goes to work every morning with fear, she comes back exhausted and by the time we have dinner, she goes to sleep and wakes up during the night to check if it is already time to go again. Then basically, rinse and repeat. I am trying to tell her that it is normal to feel like this and that the more experience you gain, the calmer and composed you become. For sure in this sub there are many experienced dentists, so I am asking to you all: how did you get on with your first work experience? How would you fight the stress?


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