Minors w/o Parent present at appointments : Dentistry


How do you handle minors coming in the office with somebody other than their parent/guardian? In dental school, if a minor came in, it had to be a parent/guardian or we would not be able to treat b/c of consent. End up sending patients home. Now, I’m reading mixed things online, such as that if a minor patient comes in they can have a note signed by parent or the parent can verbally give consent. There’s another source that says you (healthcare provider) CAN NOT do anything even cleaning or x-rays when parent is not present to consent. I also saw consent forms that parent can sign allowing so-and-so to bring minor to appointment. Does that hold up in court? I know that each state law may be different. But i’m wondering what’s typical on how to handle situations like this? And how do you typically handle teenage patients driving in for appointment before parent comes?


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