Microscope-assisted Root Canal Treatment: Why We Recommend It


Perfection is in the finer details

Root canals are very small and are often missed by a human naked eye. They are small but very important anatomical structures which can determine the success or failure of a root canal treatment. Only with the help of a dental microscope one can identify, clean, and fill them to perfection.

One of the most common reasons for root canal failure is missing these minute, anatomical details. Human eye has certain limitations and only with the help of a surgical microscope can a clinician overcome these limitations,

“If you can’t see it, you can’t treat it”

Apart from visualizing and treating the root canals, surgical microscope has wide range of other uses in endodontics. To mention a few:

  1. Conservative access preparation
  2. Retreatment of failed root canal treatment
  3. Removal of broken instruments from the canals
  4. Removal of dental post, etc.

Of course, the skills and techniques of the operator are also important. Modern endodontics is about science, skill, knowledge of anatomical details and use of appropriate tools and equipment.

Microscope-assisted root canal treatments have a predictable and long-term success.

Specialist Endodontist, India
Umm Suqeim Clinic, Dubai


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