MegaBrutal 039;s SMTP Server Crack Free Download X64

MegaBrutal’s SMTP Server is a small, command prompt based, lightweight SMTP MTA very easy to configure, supports user authentication (AUTH LOGIN).
If you want, it relays your e-mails towards your ISPs SMTP server.


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MegaBrutal 039;s SMTP Server Free Download X64

MegaBrutal 039;s SMTP Server [32|64bit]


MegaBrutal 039;s SMTP Server Crack+ Patch With Serial Key

What’s New In MegaBrutal 039;s SMTP Server?

MegaBrutal’s SMTP Server was originally designed to send mail from a small application using a proprietary SMTP library (SMTP LIB)
to a SMTP server. Its now used to send mail directly to a dedicated server using the SMTP protocol as a server
(it works like smarthost).

Users can use it by specifying the SMTP server of their ISP, the default server being the SMTP server of their ISP,
and the port to use, usually 25. It also provides a SMTP relay server allowing you to send e-mails to your own server
if you want to host your own SMTP server or a web server and you do not have a dedicated SMTP server.

This product is freeware.

If you want to send e-mail using this program, you must configure SMTP server name, port, authentication (AUTH LOGIN) method and user name and password.

SMTP LIB is included and it’s freeware.

To configure SMTP Server with MegaBrutal’s SMTP Server, you only need to:

1. Specify server name, port, authentication and user name and password.

2. Add it to program configuration.

To configure SMTP server for SMTP LIB, you just need to specify:

1. SMTP server name.

2. SMTP port.

3. Authentication method.

4. Username and password.

The second way is useful if you want to send e-mail with MegaBrutal’s SMTP Server directly to your own server.


1. You can install it into a folder of your choice.

2. The program executable is in the directory of the installation.

3. When the program has been installed, add it to your programs list in the configuration utility.

4. To start the program, you just need to double-click on it in your list of programs, or click on the SMTP Server icon from your system tray.

5. If you want to configure a dedicated SMTP server, add it to your program configuration.

6. If you want to configure an SMTP relay server, add it to your program configuration, and remove the SMTP server you want to use.

7. If the program works correctly, it’ll tell you.

8. If it doesn’t work, check your settings.

9. If it works, but if you want to change configuration, re-add it to your program configuration.

10. If it works, but it doesn’t send e-mail, double-click on the icon of SMTP Server in your system tray.

11. If it does not work, check the configuration

System Requirements:

Technical Specifications:
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