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Dear dentists,

I have been implementing botox in my treatment planning for a few months now with great results. It’s a great way to add some finishing touches to aesthetic work and manage TMD issues; however, it has become a very situational service in my practice and I find myself sitting on a mountain of botox that I never touch. It’s gotten to the point that we get the whole team botox’d up just to go through it so it doesn’t expire after we open up a vial.

I was wondering if any of you had any tips on marketing botox as a regular service in your practice. I want to spread the word that this is something we provide without making it look tacky!

I was thinking of putting a menu outside to inform about different services we offer (I’ve seen it done at other offices), but I’m afraid that some patients may respond negatively to this; on the other hand, patients that hear we do botox are for the most part pleasantly surprised and undergo treatment.

I was also thinking that we should work first on bolstering our social media presence and then start throwing botox parties. We planned one last year that was a flop because it was difficult to get the word out :[.

Thoughts? Advice? Please and thank you!


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