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I had braces between the ages of 16 and 18. I have worn my retainer religiously for over a year but I am really unhappy with my results. My teeth have shifted a lot in this time, which my dentist noted I had malocclusion. I have had considerable amount of pain since having braces removed: intense tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, and I’ve also had multiple fillings which I’d never needed before braces. My dentist recommended a night guard after examining my teeth. I already wear plastic retainers at night and so my orthodontist told me that it wasn’t an option. I’m not sure what else I can do but I’d love to close up the gap between my front teeth and somehow fix my misaligned bite. My orthodontist had mentioned jaw surgery at the beginning of treatment but it hasn’t been brought up since. Would this be something to consider?

Some background if it’s needed: I sucked my thumb constantly as a child which created a severe overbite and gap between my front two teeth. I wasn’t able to see an orthodontist until I was 16. They rushed treatment as my case was so severe meaning that I did not have teeth removed as most people do.


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