looking for advice! should i go through with a root canal or get the tooth pulled? : Dentistry


so in tooth #19 i have an extremely large cavity that needs a root canal, it’s also caused an abscess in my gum and the pain is legit unbearable

i was recommended a specialist nearby and the consultation price is $381, its a bit steep but i can pay that, especially to get rid of this pain

now i’m wondering, should i get the root canal? if i recall correctly, they’re anywhere from 1k-1.4k and that is insanely expensive, but i hear getting the tooth pulled is cheaper

i’ve never lost this tooth before so its still a baby tooth, i just don’t know if i should have the root canal done or not. i don’t have the x-rays yet since the dentistry i just went to the other day hasn’t emailed them out yet, i can provide when i get them tho!

(and yes, in case you’re wondering, i do not have insurance, this is all out of pocket unfortunately)


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