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I’m looking for loupes and light recommendations as a dentist who wears glasses.

I have a mild prescription for astigmatism but hate contacts, so my choices include either getting the Rx in the loupes lens itself or wearing an Rx insert. I wear glasses all day so I’m sensitive to a ton of weight on my nose bridge.

What I’ve used in the past: 

– Designs for Vision Nike sport frames for about 6 years. I got really tired of their variable customer service and my inability to find a reasonable working length, which led to a lot of neck and upper back pain (in between weeks of turnaround time). I really loved the weight and fit of the Nike frame however. I ended up selling the loupes on eBay.

– Ultralight Optics loupes light. The weight was fantastic, but the battery pack constantly slipped off the cord and cracked on the floor to the point it became unusable. 

– Perioptix panoramic frames with flip up loupes. The ergonomics had the potential to be the best. However, they were heavy. And, the customer service was horrifying (rep refused to visit because she didn’t like the area where I worked— I am an FQHC dentist so I tend work in very urban areas). Their DIY approach to working length also left a lot to be desired. I ended up returning the set after trying multiple lenses and configurations because I could never really get them properly adjusted to my needs. 

My three priorities are:

  1. The lightest weight possible to meet my needs. 

  2. The largest declination angle/smallest head title angle possible for decent ergonomics, whether it’s from a flip up or through-the-lens setup with a very steep angle.

  3. Excellent customer service with experienced reps.

I do a variety of work but tend to focus on pediatric dentistry and oral surgery, so the ability to accommodate standing positions is also important.

Cost is not a huge issue. And neither is magnification.

Any feedback regarding options to consider/what’s worked for others in a similar situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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