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LanTopolog is a lightweight network monitoring application built specifically for helping you gather information about network connections. The tool provides network topology maps and is able to alert you in case of network connectivity failures.
It boasts a clean and straightforward interface that gives users the possibility to configure the process in just three steps.
LanTopolog enables you to specify the IP addresses, and make the program search for information within all ranges or only the checked ranges.
Plus, you can collect SNMP data from the switches and view details about IP address, SNMP name, number of ports, MAC address, and others.
Other important features worth mentioning allow you to start the network monitoring process at a specified time and date, and enable sound notifications by uploading WAV files and specifying the minimum number of computers that have Internet connectivity issues.
What’s more, you can set up alerts by making the program display popup messages, running an application, or sending emails.
During our testing we have noticed that LanTopolog carries out a task quickly and without errors throughout the entire process. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so it doesn’t burden the overall performance of the computer.
To sum things up, LanTopolog offers an intuitive environment for helping you analyse network connectivity issues. Although it cannot be described as the most powerful tool on the market, it does what it says and is suitable especially for less experienced users.







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LanTopolog Network Monitor is a feature rich free software network monitoring application. The program offers a detailed and clean interface that allows users to set up complex network monitoring tasks in just a few steps.

LanTopolog offers data collection, analysis, and alerts. Users can start the network monitoring process at a selected time and date. They can also specify the number of computers that have Internet connectivity problems and send notifications via email or pop-ups. The program also has a built-in SNMP agent, which allows for data collection and detection of network problems.

LanTopolog also enables users to filter collected data, export them as MIB files, and display graphs and charts.

LanTopolog presents a user friendly interface. The initial setup wizard allows users to configure the application in just three simple steps. Plus, the program supports multiple languages.

LanTopolog offers four different monitoring modes, which comprise network topology, network SNMP, netflow, and RMON.

LanTopolog is freeware. It can be downloaded from the Google Drive platform and installed without charges. Furthermore, LanTopolog has no advertisements and no spyware. Moreover, the download link of the program is safe.

You should know that LanTopolog is simply a network monitoring tool. This means that it has no real control over the network. Plus, it cannot create firewall rules or any other configuration.

Our team is always ready to provide LanTopolog related news and other info. However, it’s your responsibility to know about other available tools and choose the one that suits your needs the best. You can contact our team through the contact form or via email.

LanTopolog software categorizes all the network and network interface adapter devices in your system using advanced SNMP. It can retrieve all the configuration options of the network devices including their host names.

After reading the manual carefully, you can even view the network interfaces of your system using the device manager in the system tray. This can be very handy for troubleshooting purposes.

On the other hand, the software retrieves your system IP address and MAC address. It also displays a list of all the network interfaces on your system. This feature is ideal for managing multiple network devices at the same time.

Furthermore, the software can detect your system’s operating system by installing a device driver. This allows you to view all the network devices and the corresponding data by

LanTopolog Crack+

LanTopolog Crack Keygen is an outstanding tool for network monitoring that provides a hassle-free way of retrieving the information you require in order to analyse the health of your network.
The application is able to scan the entire IP address space of a network, and display all of the active IP connections within a map.
Scanning speed is not a problem since the tool completes the job in a couple of seconds.
The interface is simple to use, clean and intuitive, so even a novice user will be able to get started in just minutes.
You will be able to check the active IP connections by simply clicking on the map. Once the connection has been established, LanTopolog will display the IP address, the MAC address, the number of ports, the MAC address and the SNMP information for each connected device.
The program can also distinguish the name of a connection that has been established between two network interfaces.
Additionally, the application is able to display data regarding the state of the connections and performs a scan of all devices within seconds.
The tool is able to differentiate the following types of connections:
– Network connections
– Ethernet connections
– Local connections
It also shows the type of device that manages a given network connection.
The software can retrieve data regarding active Ethernet connections and provide information for a range of IP addresses. The tool will also scan the entire IP address range, and produce a map that will display all of the active IP addresses and active MAC addresses.
The feature is valuable for system administrators who need to keep a track on network problems within their organisation.
Once a connection has been found, LanTopolog will display details about IP address, SNMP name, number of ports, MAC address, and switches.
By default, LanTopolog can connect to SNMP-enabled devices; however, it also enables you to search for the specified network address only.
The tool is able to collect data regarding Ethernet connections only when the enabled IP range is specified. By default, LanTopolog will collect and display the IP addresses of a network connection that is assigned to a specific MAC address.
Therefore, the tool will need to be enabled to detect an active Ethernet connection.

1. Display MAC addresses and IP addresses of connected network devices
2. Display IP addresses and MAC addresses of connected network devices
3. Display SNMP information about connected network devices
4. Scrape data from the switches and save it in XML format
5. Get info about system uptime and registered IP

LanTopolog With License Key

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What’s New In?

* Lightweight, simple, and easy to use. * Shows a topology map for the current network connections * The program can collect data on the following items * IP addresses, IP subnets, MAC addresses, SNMP name, and VLAN ID * Includes the ability to configure alerts * Includes the ability to start the process at a specified time and date * Includes the ability to pause the process * Includes the ability to upload sound files * Includes the ability to specify the minimum number of computers required to have Internet connectivity issues * Includes the ability to create, start, pause, and stop processes * Includes the ability to create and launch alarm messages * Includes the ability to switch between interfaces * Includes the ability to export data to text or HTML files

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System Requirements For LanTopolog:

– Minimum recommended specs:
i5-4590 or better
NVidia GTX 1060 or better
Display: 2560×1440
– Recommended specs:
i7-4790 or better
NVidia GTX 1070 or better
i7-5960 or better
NVidia GTX 1080 or better
– Recommended

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