Just had all 4 wisdom teeth removed ( bottom two were impacted). Recovery questions : Dentistry


So as you can tell by the title, I had wisdom teeth surgery today.

Currently I’m not in too much paid. I had my procedure done around 9 this morning and it took an hour to complete.

It’s currently 5 pm and I changed the gauze 4 times. I stopped putting it in because I don’t see any bleeding, well a heavy amount. Is this okay to do?

Also my dentist gave me instructions. Don’t eat hard food, suck through a straw etc. but I’m a little confused on the instructions. On the list of foods I can have it says soup, at the bottom it says “No straws, no smoking, and nothing hot!!” So does that mean eat cold soup? Lol I’m just confused.

Could I rinse my mouth today with the water and salt or wait to start that until tomorrow? Also I am starving and want a milkshake. Is that okay to get as long as I drink it through the cup? And if I do get it, do I rinse my mount after or use the prescribed mouth wash? Or just wait to rinse my mouth tomorrow ( it does say on the instructions do not rinse, spit or suck through a straw so I guess I answered my own question)

Sorry if this is all over the place. Thanks for any advice


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