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Hi all,

First, I’d like to apologize because I do not know technical terms and hope I explain myself well enough because posting pictures of my janky teeth makes me nervous.

I was born with two peg teeth on both sides of my front upper teeth. I also never lost a baby tooth located right after the peg tooth on my left side. After I finished with braces back in 2006, I was referred to another dentist for cosmetic work. They put three porcelain veneers, one on each peg tooth and one on the baby tooth. This was 15 years ago and I recently went in for a consultation with the same dentist who performed the work. My gap between my two front teeth came back so I was hoping I could do six veneers on the front top teeth to improve my smile, close the gap, and make it have more of an arched appearance.

The dentist told me I should first go back to the orthodontist because my slight overbite came back and he said it looks like my bottom teeth are going to further crowd on the bottom. My bottom teeth are mostly straight, the two front bottom ones are turning inward ever so slightly. but I was a little shocked that he recommended a second round of braces. He also recommended I meet with an implant specialist to assess the baby tooth and move forward with an implant.

The implant I can understand and I’ll move forward with that. However, I would like more opinions about getting braces again and maybe there are more options I’m unaware of.

Thank you for reading!


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