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JHat Dictionary Crack + Free Registration Code Free Download (Final 2022)

The best tool for translating and looking up the meaning of words.

After a very long time of development, we have finally released the final version of JHat Dictionary!

JHat Dictionary is a complete dictionary application that lets you translate words from one language to another, extract text from images, or look up the meaning of words that you may not understand.

This free software is easy to use and is compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux. It also allows you to listen to some of the translated words as soon as you translate them.

JHat Dictionary – An extraordinary app that can be used for every purpose

In addition, JHat Dictionary can easily be used as a translator, optical character recognizer and even a TTS engine.

This program supports all major Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, CentOS, and more.


OS: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

File Size: For Windows, the app works on versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. OS X users will need a recent version of Mac OS.


In addition to translations, JHat Dictionary features over 43,000 words in the Sinhala and English languages. We have included many features and improved what was already included.

Most importantly, the application can translate any word, sentence or phrase you have typed in just a moment!

Extract text from images

This software is an OCR program that can extract text from images. You can easily edit the result by simply clicking and dragging in the right direction.

To try this program, all you need to do is press the “Start” button (on Windows) or the “O” button (on Mac OS).

The application will automatically focus on the target image. If you are using an image of a book, take the image that corresponds to the book you want to check. If you have more than one image, just select it.

After starting the process, you will have to click the “Next” button to the right to select a language. You will then get a list of the words that were extracted.

If you want, you can export the results to a text file.

Additionally, all of the words are arranged in a table. If you click on a certain column or row, the next word will be given. This feature enables you

JHat Dictionary With License Key [32|64bit]

JHat Dictionary is a multi-purpose application that could be very helpful for Sinhala speakers or those who wish to improve their grasp of the language.

It allows you to translate words between Sinhala and English, listen to them being spoken by a text-to-speech engine, extract text from images or websites and even look up the definitions of various words.

Translate content and find definitions online

First and foremost, the program enables you to perform translations, and you can enter partial terms to view a complete list of the words that contain the typed characters. If you want to remember certain words, you can add them to your bookmarks.

Additionally, JHat Dictionary allows you to search for the definitions of various words using multiple online services. However, no data is available locally, so an Internet connection is required at all times.

Listen to translated words and extract text from various sources

Once you have found the English equivalent of a certain Sinhala word, you can run it through a text-to-speech engine and listen to it being spoken aloud.

JHat Dictionary also offers an optical character recognition engine that allows you to extract text from images or other types of media. However, it was not particularly accurate during our tests.

Features an unimpressive user interface and lacks English documentation

While the application does its job fairly well, it would benefit greatly from a redesigned UI. Only one visual theme is available, and its translucent design might not be to everyone’s tastes.

Also, the additional windows that are opened when accessing various functions are animated, and it is not possible to disable this feature.

Additionally, it is worth noting that, while a fairly extensive user manual is provided, it is not available in English, so novices may have a hard time getting the hang of things.

All in all, JHat Dictionary is a useful application that can help you find the definitions of English and Sinhala words online, as well as perform translations between these two languages. It lacks English documentation, however, and it features a very disappointing UI.

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What’s New In JHat Dictionary?

JHat Dictionary provides translation and word definitions for Sinhala and English languages.

Take definitions from any web services, images, and documents.

Take screenshots of any Sinhala words you want to search and you can listen to them being spoken by a text-to-speech engine.

Works offline.

English/Sinhala dictionary will keep your words, therefore you can easily access your saved words via menu.

Extract Text and Image from any Sinhala words that you want to, and then save the text to your desktop.

There is support for Input method including Telephone, PhoneNumber, MobileNumber and so on.

There is support for Sinhala/English dictionaries including dictionaries from online sources.

The dictionary contains fully Sinhala word pronunciations, high frequency Sinhala terms, and translations.

Conversion of Sinhala to English is free, however you need to pay for the other words

Input Sinhala Words in a Sinhala/English Dictionary.

Select a set of words in your Sinhala/English dictionary using a Sinhala/English Dictionary or a Sinhala/English Dictionary from a file.

Read the Sinhala words that you selected and you can extract their English translations from any online sources.

You can translate Sinhala Words to any Sinhala/English Dictionary from a Sinhala/English Dictionary or a Sinhala/English Dictionary from a file.

Select a set of words in your Sinhala/English Dictionary using a Sinhala/English Dictionary or a Sinhala/English Dictionary from a file.

Listen to those words spoken by a text-to-speech engine.

Render text from images of Sinhala words.

You can select any text of Sinhala words or taken from an image on an online source and save it.

The dictionary supports the W3C standards.

Conversion is free, however you need to pay for the other words.

List of Disadvantages of JHat Dictionary:

the application may crash or display some errors during use.

the dictionary support incomplete words.

The design of the user interface is not clear.

No support for Sinhala/English conversions in offline mode.

No support for automatic translations.

The application does not support Sinhala Dictionary.

System Requirements For JHat Dictionary:

i5-4590T 3.6GHz
DirectX 12 compatible video card
Additional Notes:
– P.S. – Not really a glitch, but actually very annoying for new players to read a very annoying title. Also, the devs have said that they will change this title with all the new content.
– Also, after playing the first 3 levels, I noticed that the final level doesn’t end and then disappears, making it an endless loop. I can’t find a glitch in this level,


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