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30 years old with long history of dental work despite generally taking care of my teeth (brush every day, floss at least 3-4 times a week). I think a lot of my problems were caused when I had braces on as it was very difficult to brush etc. I’d say most of my teeth now have a filling ,except the top canines and bottom front 6). I’ve had two root canals in the past (one on a chipped lateral incisor that later became necrotic).

About 6 weeks ago I had a horrible sinus infection that caused all my upper teeth to feel pain, particularly the ones I have had root canals on.

Now the last 6 weeks I’ve also had a weird tingling feeling on all my front teeth but it seems to most center on my left lateral incisor. I had a filling redone on this last year and it was reshaped with a lot of composite on the front as the tooth itself was quite small. About 6 months ago a small amount of filling chipped off at the gum line on the back but my dentist said it was just filling material and wouldn’t fix it although he did smooth the edge down with a soft drill. However I can still feel an edge with my tounge and this area at the gum seems particularly sensitive with sweet and spicy foods but my dentist isn’t keen to fix it as he says it’s unnecessary.

I saw my dentist 10 days ago for my yearly check up and told him about the increased tingling and sensation in the lateral incisor. He took an x ray and conducted a tapping test and both were fine.

Since then, the tingling and slight pulsing or buzzing sensation has gotten worse and i can’t stop fixating on it. It’s not painful, and sometimes the tingling moves to other front teeth. At the same time, the premolars on that side that has the root canal has been painful and full feeling.

I’m most worried about this lateral incisor however because although there is no pain it is beginning to feel a bit more fullness and when I look in the mirror it looks very slightly off color, almost grey. My husband doesn’t notice it but in direct sunlight it looks a half shade off.

Is there any way to save my tooth and not need a root canal? Or is it showing symptoms of dying? It’s showing no sensitivity to hot or cold or tapping, just spicy food and this constant tingling (though no tingling in the mornings, just afternoon).

Apologies for the rambling, I’m just so paranoid as I’ve already had a root canal on one front tooth and don’t want another.


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