Is It Safe To Do Dental Treatments During Breastfeeding?


Teeth that have decayed and cannot be restored should be removed prior to pregnancy to prevent unwanted bacteria from flowing through the bloodstream of the mother and baby. Dental Implants in Dubai are recommended to be done after pregnancy as well to avoid any complications.

While breastfeeding, it is safe to have dental implants placed as long as the dentist is informed of the proper application of local anesthetic safe for breast milk.

At Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, we welcome all your inquiries and concerns concerning dental care during your pregnancy and breastfeeding. We guarantee that the safety of your child will never come at the expense of your treatment process. Besides, poor dental health can have an impact on your general health and well-being, affecting your capacity to properly nurture your child.

Therefore, knowing that almost all dental operations and anesthetic techniques have been shown to be safe for nursing and pregnant mothers, we recommend that you schedule any necessary dental treatments with our specialists before it’s too late.


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