Is a dentistry career possible with a vocal disability? : Dentistry


I suffer from a very rare voice disorder, hyoid-bone syndrome. I’ve been struggling with it for three years now and have accepted that at this point, it’s most likely permanent. I went to school for music (was a singer, unfortunately) and had planned on becoming a teacher or professor, but it’s just not doable now. I can speak 1-2 hours a day max—and even that is sometimes painful. I’m exploring different career options and am really interested in dentistry. My only concern is not being able to speak enough to deal with patients 8 hours a day. So honestly, how much do dentists speak in a work day? How many patients do you have a day and how much do you really speak to them? Do you think this is a viable career option for someone with my disability? Any input is greatly appreciated 🙂


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