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InnvitE Serial Key is a product that connects hotel/motel chains and other properties or businesses together and a guest willing to stay at a property or a business. The connection is made via a system like Softag, Briber, Broadloom and InvitE. Any of the above system can work as the glue between the chain of properties/businesses and the guest. InnvitE or the glue is developed by the InnvitE team and by InnvitE developers.
InnvitE is able to connect all your hotels, motels, restaurants and other operations with one common system. In this system, all the common properties like rooms, restaurants, business units, and payment types are known as Assets or Property types.
Property types are further classified into various groups by attaching units to each type. For example, for an hotel, you create a guest booking type where you attach units like Deluxe, Executive, Executive Suite, etc. to each of them. You have the flexibility to create your own guest type.
Now, all of your guests are attached to a guest booking type. You then classify the guests into groups and attach the payment type and voucher types to the respective guest groups. If a guest is both a guest and a vendor, then the vendor is automatically tagged as a vendor and the guest booking type is automatically tagged as a vendor type. You can attach any number of units to a guest booking type. For example, if you have a hotel that has 25 Deluxe guest bookings, you may also have 25 stateroom, 25 Suites, 25 Suites Executive, 25 Suites Executive Suite, 25 Bathroom, 25 standard guest books, 25 restaurant, 25 hotel, 25 retreat, 25 event, 25 standard.
When each unit is attached to a guest booking type, it is tagged as a unit type. For example, a guest booking type tagged as a guest book type is a stateroom, a hotel is attached to a guest book type. Each guest booking type can have any number of unit types attached. The property is categorized into different revenue groups based on the attached unit type and associated discount to control the profit/revenue for each. A property can have more than one revenue group and each group can have any number of units attached.
When an asset is attached to a property, it is also categorized into different management groups or categories based on the attached unit type and attached discount. For example, for a hotel, you may attach a room type, restaurant

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■ System development challenges faced by numerous end users
■ Invitee/invitee-acceptance to open a new transaction:
1. Internal approval means we don’t need external approval (this happens automatically).
2. External approval means 1 step ahead (we need to use this), so we send a request for external approval.
3. Internal approval has initiated a transaction. The transaction is not reflected in the system for the inviter until the invitee accepts the transaction.
4. Direct pay-through
■ Guest check-in
1. On checking in, guest keys are generated and uploaded to system.
2. Later in the same window, the guest is requested to accept/decline by entering a selection (“I accept” or “I decline”).
3. System automatically takes the decision for the guest and sends an email to the guest confirming the selection.
■ Guest check-out
1. Similar to the check-in, here the guest checks out of the accommodation.
2. This request is sent to the system with details regarding payment source of the reservation.
3. Reservation is automatically prepared, the payment is received and we send an email to the guest confirming the status of the reservation.
■ Guest requesting special features
1. Guest needs to provide his company/acquaintance id, (may be faxed) and request for the special feature.
2. Request is sent to the system with details of the special feature and if it’s for party/group discounts.
3. The system generates the special feature and the same is sent to the guest.
4. System generates the special discount code and send it to the guest.
5. Guest can redeem the code during the stay.
■ Guest request for special facilities during the stay
1. Guest request for specific facilities that the hotel/motel need to provide.
2. The system generates the facilities and send it to the guest.
■ Guest inform about Special Offer during stay
1. System informs the guest about special offers available with the hotel/motel.
2. Information sent to the hotel is recorded in the guest book.
3. Also, it’s sent to the destination manager or to the destination owner/owner association to resolve.
■ Guest forgot to inform hotel/motel about the special offer
1. Guest forgets to inform about the

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– Unlimited number of Assets
– Each Asset can be attached to multiple unit types
– Focuses on in-depth reporting to collect and interpret all relevant data
– Hosts multiple desktops and multiple browsers
– A highly flexible and scalable architecture
– Multiple XML schemas to accommodate all vendors’ requirements
– Pre-built queries to validate SQL queries
– Caching facility to improve performance
– Operating Environment:
– Single Active Directory domain or AD LDS
– Restricted to a maximum of 250 guest bookings.
– No support for Windows SBS or any other variants of Window
Microsoft Operating Environment:
– Single Active Directory domain or AD LDS
– No support for Windows SBS or any other variants of Window

The Open Mosaic Retail Management System is designed to meet the needs of the current and evolving mobile marketplace. Open Mosaic, designed by the Cartech group, is a web-based application for the management of real-time inventory, managing financial transactions, commission payments, issuing of invoices and updating of reports.
Each transaction is displayed on a separate page with the ability to view transaction details, and update transaction files. The billing summary page and ancillary reports such as sales, sales by sales person and sales by room are also generated.
The Open Mosaic system is fully configurable, enabling it to be used for a variety of markets and applications. For example, using existing NetSuite software, it can be used to provide online shopping and inventory management for mainstream retailers, mobile merchants and large high-street operators.
Open Mosaic is a multi-user system, allowing for true collaborative development, allowing multiple users to work on a single system at once.
The need for the latest mobile devices has led to the Open Mosaic system being designed to work on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

ReadyMicrosales is a multi-user Windows-based application that helps you in running your business. It will help you to manage customers, branches, employees and also employees data. The application works on a simple and easy graphical interface. It is suitable for all types of businesses.
ReadyMicrosales comes with a built-in user profile system. You can have separate roles based on your business needs. A user can have one or more profiles for his needs. ReadyMicrosales provides you with a user login mechanism.
ReadyMicrosales is a multi-user system with multiple roles. You can have multiple users working on one

What’s New In?

■ Assets (Hotels, Restaurants, Motels)
■ Assets can be managed as a group.
■ Gather all your information about the Asset. In a single invoice, attach all your information about the Asset.
■ Fully supported
■ Distributes invoices to guests at any of the chain of hotel or restaurants
■ Can manage any guest or guest bookings of any kind
■ Generate separate rates for different guest groups
■ Can create my own asset type.
■ Can create my own package type.
■ Can attach my own unit types to that asset
■ Fully automate all your billing, accounting & settlement processes.
■ Can calculate and receive profit & rent for every unit at a given time.
■ Can send invoices directly to guests
■ Can accept payment either by cash, check, credit or debit cards, pay out any amount to any hotel, restaurant, motel, etc.
■ Can set up payment processing of vouchers, receive vouchers from any reservation system
■ Can clear vouchers to any asset at any location using different payment processing methods
■ Can create a new currency
■ Can generate transaction report
■ Can create my own payment types.
■ Can create my own credit card type.
■ Can generate transaction statements
■ Can generate a tax report
■ Can generate daily profit reports for different locations
■ Can link to any hotel or restaurant at any location and view it for any action taken on it
■ Can generate and invoice for any hotel or restaurant.
■ Can set up an asset group for use in hotels or restaurants or motels
■ Can write an SQL query to receive details of any guests or guest bookings
■ Can return specific details of a guest or guest bookings
■ Can perform any function using values in the invoice.
■ Can attach slugs to a bunch of units, view summary of those unit and get the detail of each unit
■ Can attach my own custom codes to a bunch of units, view summary of those unit and get the detail of each unit.
■ Can attach my own custom discounts to a bunch of units, view summary of those unit and get the detail of each unit.

System Requirements:

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003
Applies To: Windows Store, Windows Phone
*Internet connection required to start playing the game and to access the Soshable Beta Client app
*Soshable Beta client software is free. Your Soshable account will be charged for the $0.99 monthly fee if you do not cancel it at least 24 hours prior to the start of the first month in your plan.
If you don’t

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