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Good morning,

A few days back (Saturday) I went to the dentist due to really bad pain coming from my #18 (bottom left molar, farthest back) – although I originally thought it was the tooth above it.

They took xrays and examined the area – the tooth I thought was having an issue is fine, however I was told the #18 has a fracture/chipped off in the back (it has a filling in it, but the backside of tooth fractured off?) and that there was some infection in the root.

They referred me to an oral surgeon for extraction due to my high anxiety/pain intolerance.

They also prescribed me antibiotics (Amoxicillin 500mg), Tylenol #3(I get more relief from OTC extra strength so using those instead, and Ibuprofen 800.

I have been taking AB on schedule and it’s now the start of day 3 (I started Sunday morning when I picked up scrip).

I’ve noticed an increase in pain in flare-ups, like it’s radiating farther beyond the original site – the left side of my tongue, jaw, and area around the tooth are sore.

They had said the AB should clear up the pain and swelling making the extraction easier. My questions are – how long until I feel pain relief due to the AB?

Do I need to finish my rounds of AB before getting tooth extracted?

I believe there’s still some sensitivity to hot/cold on it – would this affect the decision on when to pull it?

Thank you for any advice!


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