I’m bad at selling stuff : Dentistry

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Some info I’m from Germany, finished University almost 4 years ago and have been working as an employed dentist since then. My long term goal was owning my own practice just because so no one could dictate what and how I should do stuff.

Over the 3,5 years I’ve noticed that I’m bad at selling stuff. And I don’t mean useless stuff the patients dlon’t need but I mean essential stuff like ” no we can’t fix this with a filling, the tooth needs a crown” or ” no an almagam filling will not do”. Things like that.

I have come to the realisation that if I had my own practice I would probably bankrupt.

First patients don’t take me seriously. Like I advise them that a tooth needs a crown. They say” nah a filling will do” Boss walks in looks at the tooth, says the same and they are like ok. Wtf. Second I’m not a big talker. I have a big problem convincing people even if I know I’m right and it’s not only about making money off them.

Now I don’t live in the richest part of Germany so money is always a factor. But still it’s frustrating. And this doesn’t help with me being already fed up with my job in the first place. I seriously underestimated how stressful dealing with people and their problems all day long is.

Sorry for the rant.


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