I was Somone’s Terrible Dentist today. : Dentistry


For the first time ever, I had a patient swallow something that they shouldn’t have. I was adjusting a filling and without warning the hand piece chuck broke and the bur flew to the back of my patients throat. I immediately tried to get it and said “don’t move or swallow,” but of course before we could retrieve it, he swallowed. We weren’t sure if it went down his throat or up the suction but it wasn’t in the trap.

Anyway, he’s on his way to get an x-ray, and now I’m a shitty dentist story.

Anyone else ever have a hand piece fail like that? It’s a first for me and I feel horrible about it.

Edit: Update. Chest and abdominal x-ray came back clear. So relieved We got it with the suction.. Maybe he will come back for his other fillings after all. Time for some new hand pieces. I thought these were Midwest like our other ones but they are knockoffs that I guess were here when we bought the practice. Now they are in the trash.


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