I need my wisdom teeth out. All dentists in my area are operating as “emergency only” currently. Advice/Help? : Dentistry


My top wisdom teeth have come all the way through. They’re in the right spot, just slightly slanted (they point outwards towards). Lately I’ve had horrible jaw pain that’s been causing headaches. I had an appt with a dentist to get a referral for them, but due to COVID-19 it was cancelled.

In your opinion, is this considered an emergency? Should I even risk venturing out to get these pulled in the current state of things? I don’t have any confirmed cases in my particular city but of course with subpar testing going on, who knows.

If I’m unable to get them pulled, what can I do for the pain? I was taking ibuprofen but the WHO announced to avoid ibuprofen for the time being :/ It hurts so bad it’s keeping me from sleeping. It’s like my jaw feels crowded and stiff and the ache is radiating throughout my entire neck and skull.

Thanks for any help.


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