I had a second to the last molar yanked 15 days ago and I think something is wrong. The molar behind it now hurts : Dentistry


It still hurts longer than when my wisdom teeth were yanked and the molar behind it is experiencing intermittent pain with bite pressure. I’ve tested this using an object to bite on to make sure I know which tooth it is. I’m also experiencing extremely severe cold fluid sensitivity. It’s like getting kicked in the face when I drink something fresh from the fridge. These symptoms didn’t start until about 5-6 days after the removal aside from the pain in the extraction site.

I’m an OTR trucker and going back to see the dentist about it isn’t an immediately viable option. The tooth that was extracted had a root canal on it 20 years ago and was abscessed for almost the last year without pain. But I could taste the nasty when it occasionally drained. My dentist wasn’t confident the tooth could be saved and I ignored it longer than I should have over it. One night I had the worst fever of my life for no apparent reason and was feverish all of the next day so I had it emergency extracted the day after that.

I just took these photos

I’m hoping someone here can help me. Thank you in advance.


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