I broke my foot and have been told to not put pressure on it for 6 weeks. Advice needed! : Dentistry


I broke my right (dominant) foot last night and the doctors performed surgery, but my current managed plan is at LEAST 6 weeks of no pressure on the foot. I want to know if any dentist out here have gone through it and what advice they could give. I keep thinking how will I work or what I should do be doing. I know six weeks will go quickly, but I feel like sitting still will drive me crazy. Right now, I’m actually on vacation so I have 1 week already out of the office. I am planning to have my assistant any impressions and more than double time for fillings/restorative work. I will also do hygiene checks.

So for anyone that has or knows people that have gone through it, did the injured just not work? Did they see hygienist patients only ? Am I being dumb trying to do any work?

My main goal is this is a short term thing in the overall scheme, but I need to still plan it right.

Thanks in advance


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