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Instabook is one of the best alternatives to Google Play Books. It allows you to read the e-book on your device and sync your books to your account. It also has a feature that let you download and read several books at once, which allows the user to finish reading the books while he is commuting or travelling.

Download Books is a website for students and teachers that provides them with everything they need to read e-books on the internet. You can choose your favorite genres like fiction and non-fiction, authors, languages, etc. and start exploring the wealth of free content!

Download eBooks is a one of the best e-book torrent website with a huge collection of ebooks. It is a free torrent website just like google play books. You can download e-books in PDF format as well as torrent files from this site.

IndiaTorrents is a platform for torrent users to share the torrents. It allows the users to search for the torrents, and then download it. It hosts more than 200,000 torrents out of which nearly 20,000 are e-books.

Though there are many ebook sites and torrent sites available in the internet that can give you e-books for free, the problem is finding them all. When you get a new gadget, the first thing you want to do is to download the latest movies, games, apps, extensions, themes, and many other softwares. This article we have tried to present you the best place to download free ebooks and ebook torrent sites where you can find your favorite books which are also free to use. Before downloading any ebook torrent sites, ensure that the websites you are visiting are safe and secure so that they wont harm your PC or mobile.


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