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If you want to find a tool that is similar to 1337x then Dumpware is the place for you. It’s an older site that is popular among enthusiasts and enthusiasts for pirate software. It has a large collection of pirated software for downloading which ranges from cracked Microsoft Office to cracked.NET Framework to Mac OS. Most of the software titles in the site are cracked and tested to ensure that you don’t get a virus or any malware when using them on your system.

Here comes the last of the top 10 sites and one of the oldest pirates in town. It just says what its name says, “Back to the future”. Though you can find all the latest versions of Windows, Office, iTunes, Photoshop, Adobe Reader among others, but the site is a little too narrow for now. The site itself is pretty old but the back end is up to date.

But the piracy is the biggest thing. The creators never block this website and they never suspend their service. Whether you want to download the latest windows, Office, Adobe, iTunes, Photoshop, Java, Flash or Adobe Reader, all you have to do is check out the cracked version on this site and you will be fine.

Piracy is right there in the name of this one. “The Pirate Bay” is run by the Pirate Bay team and they host all the cracked software there. Though the previous name of the website is the “Darknet” but there was a change in the name of the site as it was blocked by the courts, so the creators named it accordingly.

Websites containing all the latest Windows, Office, iTunes, Photoshop, Java, Flash or Adobe Reader are allowed and of course you can also find hacked or cracked software titles over here. But it’s not all cracked software, some are legal. In fact, they have the best software titles that are updated every week and you can easily find them in the section of the website.


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