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With more than 200,000 applications for Android, Google has secured a spot on the top of the market, but many people still have questions about the what, why, and how of downloading from Google Play. Here are 5 things to know about downloading and installing apps on your Android mobile phone.

This site offers a lot of the content from other torrent sites through a more organized listing. Using it in conjunction with sites like Lazy Bear, qBittorrent or The Pirate Bay would give you a wide range of content. It lists books, movies, games and other content that you can download at anytime.

This site offers a dynamic search that sorts torrents based on categories or tags, allowing you to easily find torrents that fit a certain theme. If you want to kick-start your torrenting, you can download the desktop torrent client for Windows, Linux, Mac or Android.

A peer-to-peer file sharing service. Not directly a torrent site. Instead, it provides torrent files (links to torrents) to torrent users, who can download the content at their leisure. The site itself isn’t affiliated with any torrenting website.

One of the most notorious websites for piracy, it has over three million torrents added and over five hundred thousand users. Also known as The Pirate Bay, it has a great focus on anonymity and privacy and has been around since 2003. Finally, you can’t download torrents to save your life on this website.

This is the best website for Android users who can get the complete Android media content. It lists games, books, applications, and much more. Downloading torrents becomes a time-consuming job if you are using a smartphone.


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