How bad did I screw up?

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So I thought my wisdom teeth had enough space in my mouth as the top ones appeared to have come in fine, but i think the bottom ones have a problem. Ive had a swollen lymph node for a few months which i thought had started to go down, but around the end of February I started getting this nasty taste in my mouth, which I thought was dehydration until a few days ago i noticed that my bottom widkm teeth felt funny and the swelling in my lymph node had come back up. I never felt any pain from my wisdom teeth, but now having made the connection, it worries me that Ive had a swollen lymph node for so long. I am just waiting until morning to go to the dental office nearby but I'm worried I fucked up big time and have had an abscess or something for months and done nothing, a friend of mine recently ended up needing dentures after his wisdom teeth were left untreated for too long which is definitely not helping with anxiety about this right now.

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