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Hi, I am terrified of the dentist. You would think I wouldn’t be, as I have knocked out both front teeth from an accident, and spent over a year rebuilding my upper front teeth. Early 2019 I decided that I would like to try a new dentist, as I prefer female doctors. I was very disappointed in this dentist, and their ability to help me. She told me that I had 12 cavities total, like 3 on each quarter of my mouth. Learned after the first session of filling that I hit the lottery with my genetic condition, and that local numbing doesn’t work. She at one point told me she legally could not give me any more local, and I ended up being in so much pain that I didn’t go back. Now maybe 2 months ago a filling on the side of my tooth fell out, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been chipping my teeth while grinding at night. I want to see a sedation dentist, but I need sedation if they want to do anything but touch me teeth. How do I communicate this to them when I finally make an appointment??? Please help!

TL;DR: no dentist in a year, need fillings and cleaning, needing to see sedation dentist

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