Help needed to make an extraction instrument guide for assistants. : Dentistry


I’m a pre-dental student and have been working as an assistant for a month now, I have been able to memorize almost every instrument and bur we usually use but extraction instruments seem very tricky to memorize and their number codes can often be hard to read when they are inside sterilization packets. This makes preparing extraction trays pretty difficult. The office where I work mostly uses pre-dental students as assistants so most of us don’t know the names or use cases of each instrument.
I am trying to create a visual guide for extraction setups with either pictures or 3D renders of the instruments and on what tooth they are usually used on. I am currently preparing the pictures but need help identifying the instruments and their uses. I am aiming for a very professional looking end result and based on my years of experience in design and 3D software I am sure I will be able to deliver.
If any dentists or experienced assistants are willing to help me on this project I will be glad to share the end result with them so they can use it in their office too.


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