HELP for Enamel Erosion : Dentistry

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I recently realized(beginning of the month) that my teeth were staying yellow even though I brush three times a day and I have normal salivation. I searched up pics of enamel erosion and I realized that the back/top of my teeth look exactly like them. They look like a white/transparent ring that surrounds a majority yellow tooth. The front view of my teeth is not yet to the extent but they are extremely yellow from the gum and half way down the tooth. the tip of the tooth is white or transparent. I am currently experiencing zero pain/sensitivity with anything I eat but I’m so shocked and scared. My family cant afford dental insurance but I also dont want yellow teeth/further damaged teeth forever. I know that enamel cant be restored but I need tips and diets/toothpastes ik will prevent/somewhat heal further erosion.


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