Have I done the right thing? : Dentistry

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Hi everyone,

I’m writing as I’m not sure if I acted in the right way or was being rude.

I saw my dentist today as the gum in between my teeth was sore. They usually don’t bleed, and apart from that spot they felt all right.

He said I needed a deep clean (last scaling was in June) under the gumline. He started doing it. I tolerated the pain for a bit but it was so incredibly painful that I asked him to stop after about 5 min.

He said he had done the top part of my mouth, but still had to bottom teeth to clean. I asked if it was possible to see the hygienist, as maybe it was better to have more time (dentist is NHS, hygienist private).

Now, was I rude to ask to see her? I just thought she might have more time to dedicate to a clean, about 30-40 min and have time to numb etc..

Another thing is he said to use manual toothbrush as the electric ones are bad at cleaning the teeth. Should I go back to my manual?



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