Hard white thing in wisdom tooth socket?? : Dentistry


I got my wisdom teeth removed exactly a week ago and my bottom left one has something that is hard and white on the side of the front of the hole. I know it’s not food but could it be bone? I went to the dentist this morning for the check up and they cleaned them out with the syringe and gave one to me. The dentist didn’t mention anything about it but only that the left side is not healing as well as the right. I have cleaned it now with the syringe every time I have eaten (which is not very many times because I got the syringe today). There used to be something dark (maybe the clot?) where there is now a deep hole, I don’t think it was a deep hole before I went to the dentist but it was after. I cannot see anything white in the hole, only the white thing at the front. I’ve been pretty careful to not disrupt the clots during the whole process of healing. But I did eat crunchy food yesterday and used a straw today. It doesn’t hurt badly or anything but it does not feel good, I would explain the feeling as sore. I’m just confused and terrified of getting dry socket. I also tried to take a photo but it’s not working. helppppp


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