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I had 2 fillings re-done 2 weeks ago – top and bottom on the right back side. Everything seems to have been fine until a few days ago when I noticed my gums were inflamed around both teeth. It seems to come and go and pressure provides some relief (toothpick or end of a plastic flosser). I’m not sure if it’s related, but I have noticed when flossing that there is more space in between teeth than before and the space on the lower one seems to go quite deep now, making it more difficult to floss. But I feel like I can floss the upper one just fine and I am having just as much inflammation there. Is this normal or do I need to go back and get it checked out? I’m pregnant and am really trying to avoid going out as much as possible. (Maybe pregnancy is contributing to the inflammation?)

Possibly relevant: I clench and grind my teeth at night like crazy and always have. I wear a guard, but I’m pretty sure the teeth in question still receive a substantial amount of pressure.

Side question: should I invest in one of those water pick flossers if I’m now having trouble flossing the difficult area? My teeth are really sensitive to cold, so I’ve always been wary of them.

Any advice would be really appreciated!


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