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Hi all,

So I have developed a grey tooth next to my Canine, one of the incisors. Its not too visible but enough to be a bit self conscious about. My dentist mentioned it could be due to the canal inside my tooth narrowing and now the nerve is dead. However the orthodontist he recommended I see, did a minor drill test to see if I felt it on the tooth, which is did, therefore the tooth nerve is very much intact. My question, and I know its difficult without actually seeing it, is what are my potential options for teeth whitening.

I believe I was at one point prescribed tetracycline when I was 18 due to a hematoma from a gym accident, which also at the time helped my acne coincidentally. And before then I hadn’t notice any greying of my teeth, but its also just this one. A bit of research leads me to believe Kor Whitening is my best option… Apologies if this is vague or not the right place. My dentist really only gave me options for laser whitening, veneers, or internal bleaching. And I really want to avoid veneers if at all possible.


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