Got a slightly impacted wisdom tooth that’s been getting infected for the last 5 years : Dentistry


So in 2016 I started getting pressure and creaking in my lower left jaw.. ignored it but then I got an infection which was.. the worst lol. Ended up going to the dentist where this X-ray was taken:

Anyways I got antibiotics, was told I should have it removed, didn’t.. and for the last five years or so it has gotten infected probably ten times. I either find antibiotics somehow.. or just.. ignore it. They don’t really hurt anymore. But fast forward to lately:

Lately I’ve been feeling it’s like.. deeper in my jaw. My eye has been twitching.. I have constant pressure headache that throbs on the left side.. it’s not good. I know a lot of people on here have problems with anxiety and stuff.. I haven’t even seen a doctor in a long time either. It’s stupid I know in my logical brain it’s stupid.. I’m rambling..

So I had an appointment with a place where they do IV sedation or whatever.. I had an appointment just for X-rays but I went in and had a bit of a panic attack and then left. Called them and made a new appointment which is this Thursday coming.

It’s literally just for X-rays and talking but I’m so fucking nervous I keep getting waves of anxiety.

Friends and family are aware but don’t really take is seriously. When I rub my jaw I feel like… gristle lol. And my whole bite is all fucked from not chewing on my left side. AND my teeth are so dirty my gums are receding.. I quit smoking like 6 months ago so that helps but shit this is all fucked up.

Lol.. don’t know what I’m after really. Peace of mind? Validation? Like maybe tell me I’m not alone or crazy in having these reactions.

I feel bad dentists have to deal with people being scared of them when they do stuff that’s helpful and difficult

Also bear in mind that X-ray is old af I have no clue what it looks like now. Or if it even would look different under X-ray after years of infection


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