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Yesterday, 3 hours after my glass ionomer was put at the dentist, the half of its (top?) layers was taken off after I ate a sandwich.

The other half is still there in tact, but the other half is off and I could see the other GI under it. So it really seems like only the top? Layer of it was taken off.

Question, should I go back to the dentist tomorrow to have it redone? Thank you!

( in 2 weeks anyway I’m about to have my crown or permanent fillings with our family dentist , still to be discussed with her, because my root canal treatment and glass ionomer was actually taken care of this other dentist, by our family dentist’s referral also, because she said she couldn’t assure she’d do a good job with doing root canal treatment on my molars. So yeah should I go back tomorrow to the dentist that was in charge with my RCT and GI? )



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