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Help! This happened a few months ago, I got them bonded (I think that’s what it’s called) but it just happened again. Last time my left front tooth chipped after literally eating grapes and rice with hummus. I just noticed another chip today in the middle of the afternoon after not even having eaten anything in several hours.

Concerns I have:

-history of an eating disorder

-still underweight, no menstruation for 10 years which means messed up hormones which means bone density loss (30 years old and female)

-vegan diet- calcium level in diet is ok, I eat lots of fruits though which I know are acidic (I eat 3 meals a day, no snacks, fruit with every meal and green smoothie with breakfast every morning)

-apple cider vinegar every night on veggies

-I do rinse my mouth with water after eating

-oral B electric toothbrush, could I be pushing too hard? (I really try to do it lightly)

My dentist:

-had no concerns about any of the above

-says that my anxiety is making me grind my teeth at night (he showed me how the front teeth line up at the edges from wearing down when I grind) and that I should wear my clear plastic retainer every night instead of three times a week like I had been (I have been wearing them every night since then, but I still got another chip)

-not concerned about the tiny vertical lines I see in my teeth that look like cracks

I appreciate any help or advice you may have. My dentist is really cool and laid back but sometimes I worry he’s TOO chill when there should be cause for concern. Thank you!!


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