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FreePV is a quick and easy to use program for viewing panoramas and it is designed to be a powerful and truly cross platform viewer for panoramic images, both on your harddrive and inside web pages.
FreePV is a cross platform (Linux, Windows and MacOS) standalone program that is currently based on Freeimage.NET library (formerly Project JPS). This new version is the first to support new QTVR files which are commonly used to display QTVR, ArcGIS and Google Earth at full resolution and no distortion. FreePV will also support PangaeaVR plugin in the near future.
FreePV features:
■ Windows (GDI), Linux (GDI and OpenGL) and MacOS version available
■ Very good rendering speed
■ No external resources required (no separate soft- or hardware decoder)
■ Standalone and Mozilla/Firefox plugin available
■ Firefox, Opera and Netscape plugins available
■ Unix plugin registers for quicktime files, and plays panoramas on pages designed for Quicktime, PangeaVR and GLPanoView plugins.
■ Rendering of the windows mozilla plugin is not very smooth (will be improved soon)
■ Equirectangular panorams not yet supported
■ Display of cylindrical panorams currently of low quality (will be improved soon)
■ Hotspots and multi node QTVR files not supported
■ No scripting support
FreePV Homepage:
FreePV sourceforge download:
FreePV wiki:
FreePV Forums:
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Licensed under the GNU General Public License. See the file “COPYING” for full license details.
Sourceforge download:
Powered by SourceForge
and Mantis bug tracker:

FreePV With License Key [2022-Latest]

FreePV is a small tool to view panoramas on your PC and on web pages. The main purpose of FreePV is to provide the user with a quick and easy way to view panoramas on the web, including the ability to go from view to view as you would do on a PC-based viewer. FreePV is only a viewer, so you will still need to edit the images to view them the way you want.
How to install and use FreePV:
FreePV can be installed on your harddrive on Windows and Linux, or on your web server on Unix. It does not have to be installed on your PC (unless you want it to download panoramas automatically).
To install FreePV on your PC:
■ If you do not already have Gwenview installed, install it from
■ Double click on the FreePV icon on your desktop to launch the program
■ Click on the “Install” button to add FreePV to your applications
■ On the top menu bar, click on “Help” and select the “Download Help” link to see a manual
■ To add FreePV to your Mozilla browser, you can follow these steps:
■ Open your Mozilla browser and click on the menu button
■ Click on “Help”
■ Click on “Download Help” link and follow the instructions
To install FreePV on your web server:
■ Double click on the FreePV icon on your web server to launch the program
■ On the top menu bar, click on “Help” and select the “Download Help” link to see a manual
■ FreePV on your web server is automatically installed
Now that FreePV is installed on your PC or web server, you can view the panoramas you download through it, or go to a web page containing a panorama and you will have the ability to see the panorama in all your PC-based viewers (except for portable browsers).
How to download panoramas with FreePV:
■ When you open FreePV, you will be given the option to download panoramas automatically
■ This is done using a nightly script that downloads panoramas every morning. You do not need to download any panoramas to use FreePV, just

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FreePV is a java 2D application that uses Open GL for rendering of panoramas. The idea is to try to always use the fastest available 3D library. FreePV is free of charge, and completely open source. See


Supported file formats:
Equirectangular panoramas (e.g. *.qpf)
Cylindrical panoramas (e.g. *.rdl)
Camera (raw) panoramas (e.g. *.bsp)
Image viewer (raw) panoramas (e.g. *.mat)
Download options:
Fixed size panoramas (.bsp,.rdl)
Variable size panoramas (e.g. *.qpf, *.mat, *.rdl)
FreePV 1.0 Released:
Version 1.0 of FreePV has just been released. This version adds support for QTVR files. So you can now display panoramas on pages designed for the popular Quicktime, PangeaVR or GLPanoView plugins.
FreePV 1.1:
On the whole, I am very happy with this release. FreePV 1.1 fixes many bugs in the release version, and adds minor support for MSP, Matcap and RawPanorama files. It also adds support for previews in Mozilla. So there are basically three new features:
1. Native previews in Mozilla (see the example below)
2. Support for the new “Close Batch” mode of Quicktime (this works much better than the previous version)
3. New support for QTVR images. You can now display QTVR images directly on Mozilla pages.
Also FreePV 1.1 adds support for Cylindrical and SplitView panoramas.
Download FreePV:

Web site:

■ Fixed the OpenGL initialization routine to work properly with Java 1.5+
■ Fixed a bug that would freeze the app when the viewer of a panorama was closed (in Mozilla)
■ Fixed a bug that would crash the app when displaying a panorama in “Close

What’s New In?

FreePV is an open source free viewer for Panorama images. It uses libpsnr to detect the image format and load the right codec, if necessary.



FreePV’s plugin is what makes it so fast. It loads and renders images on a per-request basis. When
viewing a page with lots of images, it will load images as they are loaded, and then only render what
is visible on the screen. You can get this kind of responsiveness from a library-based plugin.
Although the mozilla plugin will eventually be as fast as FreePV’s plugin, until then it is much
easier to use FreePV to view panoramas.
You can see the plugin in action in this video (Note: the video is rather useless without a
“source” video):
If you’re looking for more information on the plugin, see the plugin guide:

Contributions are welcome!
PR: 804.1
Submitted by: Michael Schaffner



HEX is a software utility that helps you to view and analyze binary files.
HEX is based on BitPusher and uses the newest version of BitPusher to read
and decode most types of files. HEX is one of the few programs to be able to
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Magic FLIR Thermal Sensor Reader

Magic FLIR Thermal Sensor Reader lets you read the data from thermal sensors from cameras, or connect
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JRC Scenario Viewer

Scenario Viewer is a program to help you design scenarios for computer games or virtual reality environments.
You can use it to create storyboards for your games or movies and also design rooms with walls, doors and
ceilings. It can also generate a map and display information about the map in dialog boxes.



Parsec is a JTS-based 2d editor. It supports Windows (2D, 3D, and vector graphics), Linux, Mac OS X,
and VMS.
It is freely available under the GNU GPL license.



PDSpro is a Point Database Server. It is a scalable, distributed, transaction-based, realtime
document-oriented relational database system, compatible with PDS/Net. PDSpro can be accessed from
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System Requirements:

Playable on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 SP1
Playable on Xbox One
Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up
Developer: Running With Scissors
Publisher: Running With Scissors
Released: 22/01/2018
Review code provided by the publisher
After picking up and playing Chasm a few weeks ago I was rather hyped to finally be able to review the game. And with a developer that is known to have awesome ideas (and who previously made excellent titles such as Deadlight, Amnesia

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