Flying with Abscess or after extraction

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I posted earlier on this sub but my new question is different and I figured I would post a separate question for others who may search the same thing. I would appreciate any advice.

Context: I am a 25 year old male. My number 15 molar tooth has had 2 root canal treatments but acted up recently . My dentist and oral surgeon recommend it be extracted as there is likely an abscess. It hurt when I was chewing or biting for 1.5 days last week, then stopped. This prompted my visit to my dentist. It hasn’t hurt since, but my dentist put me on Amoxicillin just to be safe.

I am going on a 3 day trip and flying on a 5 hour flight next Friday that I can’t miss. I am debating whether to extract the tooth on Monday and have 4 days of rest before the flight, or whether to wait till after.

Xrays of the tooth: (with highlighted area: )


  1. If I choose not to extract until after my trip and fly with the tooth as it currently is (previously root cannaled but likely abscessed), is it likely for the pressure of the plane to cause pain? My dentist says I should be fine, but I have heard and read it can be painful.

  2. If I choose to extract on Monday, would 4 days be enough healing time to take a flight and go on a trip?

  3. If I choose to extract on Monday, can I consume alcohol 5 days after the extraction?

I am most concerned about question #1. My preference is to wait until I return to extract the tooth but I am worried after reading online that it will become very painful during flight. I have been given another round of Amoxicillin and 800mg Ibuprofen to take with me if I decide to extract after the flight.

I will consult again with my dentist tomorrow, I just feel bad for badgering them with more questions (they are fantastic and nice, but I have asked so many questions I feel I am getting annoying haha).

I would appreciate any advice and thank you in advance for your time and sharing your knowledge.

Thank you!


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