Finally got an appointment with the dentist : Dentistry


I’ve finally decided to see the dentist. Years of anxiety and I’ve never asked my mom to take me to the dentist (I’m still a minor). Years of neglect caused tartar to appear everywhere and I’ve never batted an eye. Recently, one of my top left molars has started hurting every time it comes into contact with something, and some sore appeared on the roof of my mouth next to the tooth. After dealing with this for a week, I’ve decided that I really needed to get my act together and finally asked my mom to take me there. My appointment is at 5:30 and I’m still terrified. I know that I’m gonna get an ass-whooping from the dentist but I sure that I deserved it. My mom told the dentist that I have a toothache but the dentist won’t expect the mess that is awaiting them. Wish me luck.


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