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Fiddle Time Joggers, Violín, Book 1Descripción Complete. Los Pensamientos de Empresas Fragmentales: Toda Casa.
Toda Casas: A Concordia de Izquierda.
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(The story of this book, in brief, is as follows. In 1957, unexpectedly for everyone, a collector came to Spain, first of all, to his historical homeland, who died in 1955 at the age of 30, and in 1959, his wife with children in Florida (Seattle).At the turn of the 60s and 70s, this collector and his family (12 people) buy a very large plot of land near the city of Santa Cruz in the Spanish province of Aragon, and the next year they begin building a house – a mansion with a tower in the original Spanish style.The family is going to settle in this mansion and quietly live out their days and die in it.But in 1966, the artist-restorer starts working on drawings and drawings…
So it turns out that a whole year later (in 1969) in Violente (today the city of Violen), the news comes that someone broke the door of the house and started working in the tower. The neighbors are scared. The police begin an investigation. It turns out that in August 1968, after the owners died, an antique dealer settled in the tower. Since 1960, he has been working on this castle and he is also a restorer. Three years later, this man died (or was killed), and his work ended up in the house.
In Violento there is an old Dominican monastery on the top of a hill, which is surrounded by houses from different sides. And this tower is located almost at the very top of the hill. And the restorer constantly visited this tower. And a group of young Arabs began to work in the house, who in a short time completely redid the facade and made it look like a castle.
Archival documents show that this is the work of brothers from the Syrian commune, who settled in Violante in the early 1950s. The exact number of these brothers is unknown. However, it is known that they lived in Violitto until 1964 and then (from 1965 to 1969), after a well-known crisis related to the condition of their mother, they emigrated to Israel and soon died there during a terrorist act. Arab restorers n



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