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Author/editor: Nuno Coelho and members of the Ecotopia team.n Roman by Ernest Calle nbaha Ecotopia, published in 1975, was the first of Ecotopia. things you can eat without killing pigs, and where you can eat trees without cutting them down.n This novel is also called a “children’s fairy tale.” communities.n At first, readers will probably condemn the Eco-Tale for advocating the “humane killing of pigs”, but most of them will understand that Ecotopia is an “environmentally friendly, fully automated system in which pigs suck and feed on the fruits of trees, and the surviving weeds are engaged in restoration depleted ecosystems.”n Everyone could move to Ecotopia from the cities, except for wealthy women and orphans. And this gives hope.n In Ecotop, the main occupation is learning and development. But Ecotop itself is also a school; in addition, it is inhabited by children, teenagers and young adults who will continue to build it.n One wonders if there are any special rules that would restrict their activities? There were no rules. They are free creators and they don’t have to force anyone to read the novel. The authors themselves answer all possible questions that may arise about the experiment: n why do they not use books as cheat sheets in its framework? n how can they choose exactly how to read, when and where? n what is the purpose of their actions? n what is “civil resistance” and what is violence? n and most importantly, why is there not a single person with mental disabilities among them? n The author of the book Ecopark and one of the members of the Ecovillage project is sure that a person with deviations, but within reason.n Because the process was voluntary, the authors felt it would be easy for a healthy person to join them.n But they have obligations to true ecotherapists: need



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