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The fantasy action RPG, Legend of the Tarnished King, where the story begins after the gods took over the land, was released in July 2018.
The game is centered around a fantasy action RPG system that tells the story of a young man who rises to become an Elden Lord after receiving a great blessing from the gods. The action RPG is set in a world that is increasingly filled with monsters and evils as the world falls into disorder. The player can adventure as a hero who fights on a variety of battlefields in order to rescue the land of Elden and reawaken the gods.
The game is centered on a fantasy action RPG system that emphasizes combat and has unique graphics and music that express a dramatic story. The game has a character creation feature that allows you to create your own character and personally identify it as you play.
The game has a multiplayer feature that allows for direct connections with other players and as the story develops, you can meet new people as you share the joy of cooperative play.

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Features Key:

  • An Original Multilayered Story
    The most difficult part of developing a new game is developing the story. We have used the “Thousand Languages” method to express our vision of “a myth within legends, a tragedy in a tragic fairy tale”, where you discover the motives and desires behind the motives.
    All the various characters, situations, and quests that the story contains are all “Unique Stories” that have not been seen before, so the tangled webs cast a deep and profound mystery.
  • A Variety of Possibilities
  • In addition to the single player story, the game also offers a variety of different quests at different levels. As you complete them, you can enjoy a fun and exciting gameplay experience.

  • An Innovative Play Style Combination
  • Battle, Item Drag, Alchemy, and Self Healing. Collect and absorb the power of the ring, equip your own Unique Style, and fight in an original set of game play styles.

    We at Gust have been toiling on a highly ambitious game and we hope you will enjoy the game.

    Please look forward to more details.
    Thank you,



    From the Desk of Hwang Tae Kyu 

    RISING, TARNISHED. Become an Elden Lord (Elder) of the Lands Between, and recruit friends to battle enemies, explore the world in the greatest fantasy action game of all time.




    Welcome, adventurer.
    From humble beginnings, you have come to the dawn of a new world. And as a guild leader, the unusual relationship with adventurers, companions, NPCs, and monsters have made a mark on your life. Arise from the ashes of the decimated old world. Let your destiny be your own.


    An epic backdrop in the Lands Between.
    Explore a beautiful world that combines the rich excitement of a fantasy game with the vast scale of open fields.


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    [ GameSpot ] 5 / 5

    “The freedom to fully customise your character’s appearance, create a party of heroes, and gain access to powerful new gear at the cost of your character’s stamina and magicka is an added layer of depth to the systems previously seen in The Elder Scrolls and the Fallout series. You’re presented with a constant stream of new information about your surroundings and its denizens, all of which is framed by a deep narrative woven throughout your explorations.”

    [ Travel 2 UnPopulated By Adventure ] 5.0 / 5

    “The RPG format found in both The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series has been expanded to add strategic RPG elements while ensuring that the core aspects of Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are kept intact. The combination of those elements creates a compelling and engaging RPG experience.”

    [ Siliconera ] 8.0 / 10

    “The occasional new NPC or encounter adds a fresh layer of flavor and piques your curiosity in the world. The main quest can get very dry, but you have a number of side quests and activities to keep you engaged. There is also a large number of locations to explore from both the main story and the many side quests.”

    [ IGN ] 9.0 / 10

    “The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim is not only a return to form for Bethesda, it is one of the best role-playing games I have played since Oblivion. It’s got a beautiful open world filled with content, from single player and multiplayer missions to side quests. It’s filled to the brim with people to talk to and the world to explore. The freedom and depth of customization is what makes Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim so enjoyable. “Cole Slater

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    A cross between a paladin and a bard. They can place their influence on their equipment, enhancing their attributes or causing their weapons to gain status as a magical weapon.

    Heavy Fighter

    A cross between a merc and a Knight. They enhance their equipment with an exoskeleton that will increase their defense and take the hit for your party during combat, and will even absorb damage for you.

    Martial Ninja

    A ninja whose physical and mental techniques will be the foundation of their magic. They can move at enormous speeds and weaken the opponent with physical attacks, then turn the tables with powerful energy attacks.

    Guild Master

    They can strengthen their party’s attack or defense, refine the attacks of their party’s members, or give party members stat boosts. They are able to lay hands on magic weapons and armor when they succeed at the necessary actions.


    A cross between a magical healer and a cleric. Their abilities can heal the wounded and strengthen their party members.


    A cross between a magical caster and a mage. They can cast powerful magic, and their spells will reduce the physical damage dealt to you by their own party members.


    A warrior that gains battle experience by defeating enemies. They can wear a hideout that will enable them to roam the world undetected, and they can create terrain with the environment so they can get close to their enemies undetected.


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    Quote: The ex-priestess witch wear robes: wearing robes

    New Classes


    A cross between a warrior and a Knight. They can enhance the defense of the party members through the use of special clothing or through the use of HP recovery items.


    A cross between a paladin and a Knight. They can increase the attack speed of their party members by granting the party members status as weapons, and they can increase the attack power of their party members through the use of anti-stat equipment.


    A cross between a swordsman and a fighter. They can increase the attack power of their party members by granting the party members status as weapons, and they can


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    item_name = {
    item_name = {
    item_type = {
    class = “Cannibal”; is_server_killer = 1; level = 14; };
    name = “2 Marks of Blood”;
    name_single = {
    name = {
    item_type = {
    class = “Death_Knight”; level = 29; };
    name = “Imperial Executioner”;
    name_plural = {
    name = “Imperial Executioners”;
    name_plural = {
    name = {
    item_type = {
    class = “Armorer”; level = 45; };
    is_death_knight = 1;
    name = “Dancing Blade”;
    name_plural = {
    name = “Dancing Blades”;
    name_plural = {
    name = {
    item_type = {
    class = “Elden”; level = 45; };
    is_consumable = 1;
    name = “Cannibal”;
    name_plural = {
    name = “Cannibals”;
    name_plural = {
    name = {
    item_type = {
    class = “Elden”; level = 45; };
    is_consumable = 1;
    name = “Angel of Death”;
    name_plural = {
    name = “Angel of Death”;
    name_plural = {
    name = {
    item_type = {
    class = “Tamer”; level = 6; };
    is_consumable = 1;
    name = “Spy Master”;
    name_plural = {
    name = “Spy Masters”;
    name_plural = {
    name = {
    item_type = {


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    File information

    Original File Name: Elden Ring


    File Size: 1.53 GB

    System Requirements for the version noted above:

    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

    CPU: Pentium 3.0 GHz

    RAM: 512 MB

    Hard Drive: 1.5 GB

    – Game developers will continue to add new features in the future.
    – This cracked version of game is not updated to the latest version.
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    – Software needs to be uninstalled completely before you start a new game.
    – The newest version of the game and DLCs will be available for the license.

    ** Note **
    This cracked version of the game is only a demo version, if you like the demo version, buy the full version. ** This is a cracked version of the game. This game is not originally published by Spyware Guard. You know that I support software developers and copyright owners if I mention it. You also know that you don’t have to pay for the original game when you download this cracked version. I just want to help you.

    File credits:

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    ** Note **
    This crack of the game is developed by Xploit. This game is not originally published by Spyware Guard. You know that I support software developers and copyright owners if I mention it. You also know that you don’t have to pay for the original game when you download this cracked version. I just want to help you.

    Link sources:


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Extract/Extract To
    Select Extract folder
  • Run/Run As Administrator
    Select Path to the installed game.
  • Play/Play (Or Skip Presentation)
    Select ISO/MSU/IMG and then
    Click Show IO Base on the main menu and click to
    Select the location
  • Done
  • Build Success!


    Fantasy action RPG welcomes you to rise.
    Rise, tarnished, and freely choose the path in the Lands Between in a unique world, such as the clan.

    You can create a warrior, a mage, a priest, or a thief.
    You can customize your character freely according to the play style of each of these classes.
    You can develop your character, and you will become stronger.
    As you play, the fear of being prepared for the greatest threat awaits.


    Looks interesting 🙂

    Will it run on Linux? If it does, where can I download the game? Oh, and I like
    to run Linux off-line, so offline version is required.

    It works on all platforms.

    The offline version is for Windows only at the moment. You can find a link to
    a Linux build here:

    The Windows version supports Dual Landscape mode.

    Thanks Syjer.

    Is the online play robust though? If not, can you recommend a linux client?

    And btw: I couldnt get this to run for Win7 – unless you renamed your
    registry key by doing some trickery? (I followed some instructions on the
    forum here: [

    Sorry, the game is not released yet, so I can’t answer your question right
    now. Will try



    System Requirements:

    Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    Mac: 10.9, 10.10, 10.11
    Linux: 8
    Processor: Intel 2.6 GHz Dual Core or better
    Memory: 2GB RAM or better
    Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660 or ATI HD 6850 or better
    Storage: 5GB available space
    Input Devices: Keyboard and Mouse
    Sound: DirectX 11 compatible sound card and mic
    The game runs on resolutions up to 1920×1080 on Windows


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