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EC2 Health Monitor is a compact program that allows you to check the performance of the Amazon EC2 instances. This Tool makes connection with Amazon EC2 cloud environment and fetches performance metrics about EC2 instances and presents them as a visually elegant graphs and reports.
ManageEngine EC2 Health Monitor Tool monitors the metrics of the AMI instances. You can monitor any number of instances using this tool. The best part is that this tool is made available to you absolutely FREE of cost.
Amazon EC2 is a cloud computing platform, which allows users to connect to virtual computers and run their software application. Amazon EC2 allows you to launch, deploy applications/instances that can allow you scale capacity in no time.
Web interface allows user to boot an Amazon machine image (AMI) and create a virtual machine and launch any application. Applications and instances running on these cloud environment requires continuous monitoring from remote location to ensure high availability. ManageEngine EC2 Monitoring tool addresses this monitoring need.







EC2 Health Monitor [32|64bit] [March-2022]

1. Monitoring the overall performance of the AMI instances
2. Monitoring the CPU, Memory, and network performance of a single instance.
3. Minimize the probability of hardware failure.
4. Monitoring the ELB of cloud applications.
5. Monitoring the EC2 account.
6. Monitoring the performance of the instances at any time.
7. Alerting the user about the performance of any EC2 instance automatically.
8. Monitoring and monitoring the performance of the instances in real-time.
9. Supports logging of performance data and setting a notification frequency.
10. Supports finding the best EC2 instance among multiple instances.
11. Monitoring all the EC2 instances in real-time.
12. Gives you a chance to look into the performance of the whole EC2 account.
13. Monitoring the performance of EC2 resources as per the user preferences.
ManageEngine EC2 Health Monitor Tools
Apart from monitoring the performance of the EC2 instances and AMI, the tool also monitors the following metrics:-
1. Get information about instances launched by you in AMI
2. Get all the information about the instances running on the cloud environment.
3. Get the information about the EC2 account and resource usage.
4. Get the performance of the EC2 instances.
5. Get the alert information regarding the EC2 instance performance.
6. Get all the performance details about the EC2 instances in real-time.

7. Get the information about the elastic load balancer (ELB).
8. Get the information about the notification settings of the EC2 instance.
9. Get the information about the logging settings of the EC2 instance.
10. Get the information about the monitoring intervals of the EC2 instance.

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EC2 Health Monitor Free Registration Code Free [32|64bit]

* The Amazon EC2 Monitoring tool can be used for high availability, fault tolerance and scalability.
* The monitoring tool can be used for Monitoring, analyzing and managing EC2 based Applications and instances.
* EC2 Monitoring tool provides web-based monitors to ensure high availability of application and instances.
* Tool can help you to monitor EC2 Instances related to Application for example Application Health Monitor
* You can Monitor Multiple Applications Instances at a Time using Monitoring tool.
* Software is completely agentless and connects to the Amazon EC2 using API’s.
* It does not require agent and enables monitoring of the Amazon EC2 from remote location.
* The tool is a plug and play monitoring solution.
* It has the provision of administrator to monitor EC2 instances based on any permission.

Features of the tool:
* Elastic instances Monitoring tool monitors the instance creation, instance deletion, and instance launch, instance termination.
* Instances that are terminated due to any reason are permanently removed from the monitoring.
* Terminating an instance is not a hidden process, it happens as soon as the process is launched and the instance shows as terminated.
* Easy to monitor instances.
* Monitor Application instances, Application Health Monitor.
* View instance details, View instance detail.
* All the information related to EC2 instances and the application running on these instances.
* EC2 Monitoring Tool is very easy to use and Install
* Instances running on Cloud environment, EC2 Monitoring does not support non-EC2 based instances.
* The EC2 Monitoring tool is a flexible tool, that can be use to monitor any number of Amazon EC2 instances.
* EC2 Monitoring can be used to monitor EC2 instances on a private and public cloud.
* EC2 Monitoring allows the administrators to monitor cloud in their own data center or on public cloud.
* The monitoring tool can monitor any number of instances within the monitoring range.

Samples of EC2 Monitoring Report:

Samples of EC2 Monitoring Report

This tool is not a replacement for Management tools like CloudAnalyst. EC2 Health Monitor tool is intended to be used as an alarm indicator only.


EC2 Health Monitor X64

Tools which are used to monitor any computer application or system. This tool is used to monitor the EC2 Instance with a remote support tool and get the performance metrics. It will maintain continuous connection with EC2 and provide the metrics.
Share EC2 Service and connect to any instance automatically using the Web interface.
Web Interface and Scheduler.
Records Details and Extracts Details and Reports using the Web Interface and Scheduler.
Attach to an EC2 Instance(s) using the Web Interface and Scheduler.
Log, Perform Performance metrics and Reports related to EC2 Instance.
Learn More:

EC2 Monitor is an all-in-one web based solution that is designed to monitor the popular Amazon EC2 cloud. The tool is free for all users and can be deployed and managed by the users themselves.

Amazon offers a FREE software development kit that allows the user to monitor the Amazon EC2 cloud. EC2 Monitor is a web based tool that is bundled with the Amazon EC2 product and can be managed by the users themselves.

The tool can be deployed in multiple configurations with the support of GNU/Linux. It can be integrated into existing monitoring system to help monitor the EC2 instances.


Automated provisioning:
The tool can be integrated with existing monitoring tools to provide a complete view of the cloud environment. It enables the user to log in to the Amazon EC2 instance via the web based management console and monitor the various metrics.

The tool can be deployed in multiple configurations such as:

Monitoring of 15 M EC2 instances
Monitoring 500 M EC2 instances
Monitoring of 100,000 EC2 instances

Also, it can be configured to monitor the information of “Auto Scaling” group.

The tool is available in both GUI (Graphical User Interface) and CLI (Command Line Interface) versions.


The tool is not designed to monitor the applications hosted on EC2. It cannot be customized to report metrics of any application. The tools will report metrics of the EC2 instances only.


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What’s New In?

EC2 Health Monitor, built on the ManageEngine Infrastructure Performance Management System (IPMS), helps you monitor performance and manage the availability of Amazon EC2 instances. The tool monitors EC2 instances from a remote location. It’s a comprehensive monitoring tool, and uses a database to store and display the performance metrics for each Amazon EC2 instance. The tool comes with an easy-to-use graphical web interface that allows you to create and manage the instances.

Click on the Amazon EC2 Health Monitor button to launch the tool. When the Amazon EC2 Health Monitor tool launches, it displays a quick help screen that points to a list of “Amazon EC2 Health Monitor” screens. A screen called “Summary” displays the overall Amazon EC2 monitoring summary, which includes the Amazon EC2 Instance ID, Virtual IP Address, Region, Public IP Address, Status, Load Average, Hardware Status, Network Speed, Memory Free, Memory Percent, Disk Space Free, Disk Space Percent, Fault Tolerance, DNS, JDBC Database Connection, and Elastic Network Adapter (ENA).
On the “Instances” tab, you can monitor the Amazon EC2 instance. The table lists all instances in the selected Amazon EC2 account and shows the Instance ID, Name, RAM percent, Memory Free, and Memory Percent. The “DNS” tab displays metrics for the DNS service. On the “Network” tab, you can check the Network Connection Speed, Network Bandwidth, network ping rate, and Network Packet Loss Rate for each instance. The “Summary” tab displays the summary of the monitored Amazon EC2 instances. The “Hardware Status” tab displays the detailed status of the hardware including processor, disk space, memory, etc. The “Fault Tolerance” tab displays whether the instance is manually or automatically managed. The “Elastic Network Adapter” tab displays the Elastic Network Adapter information, which includes the associated ENA IP, ENA Bandwidth, Instance ID, Availability Zone, Instance Region, and Network Type.

System Requirements For EC2 Health Monitor:

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Phenom x 3 450 (2.5 GHz) or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Storage: 20 GB available space on hard drive
Input Devices: Keyboard, mouse
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP or Vista, Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Resolution: 1024×768
Other Requirements:
Non-linear editing software, download here.
Recommended Requirements:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo,

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