Doing hygiene twice? : Dentistry

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I had hygiene last week with a new dentist. I don’t feel the freshness I used to feel after previous hygienes. I did not feel he went over gum lines the way I used to. May be this is because I told him my teeth are sensitive to pay his attention as I recently lost a tooth. Now I plan to see someone to double check and he might redo hygiene. I do not want to cause damage by repeating hygiene but I have to say my teeth are getting decays easily and I’m strongly advised to do hygiene every 6 months to avoid it. With the covid I am almost a year without having hygiene. Now when I had it it did mot feel good. Can repeated hygiene in one month weaken my teeth? I use private clinics so the second hygienist may encourage me to do it as I will pay. This can happen in my area when the patient care is not so perfect.


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