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I am currently a 4th year DO student who recently had a lot of dental work done. I grew up in a relatively poor family so I wasn’t exposed much to dentistry growing up. I decided in college to pursue medicine as a career and am currently in my 4th year of medical school.

During my 3rd year I developed dental issues that have kept me in the chair basically 1-2 times a month for dental work. After all this exposure I have discovered I actually really what the job entails and the life style seems great. I honestly never realized how much of an impact a dentist could have on the lives of their patients until I was that patient!

So my question is this, does anyone here have experience with getting a medical degree first and then applying to dental school? Any suggestions about how I should pursue this?

Would the career change be worth it considering the debt I would accrue doing 2 graduate programs?



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