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Fruit Ninja. Fruit Ninja. x64.  .The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, for example, in which a flip-chip semiconductor device is mounted on a substrate such as a printed circuit board. In a flip-chip semiconductor device, a front face of a semiconductor chip is provided with an electrode for external connection. The semiconductor chip is mounted, while having the front face thereof inclined at a predetermined angle with respect to a mounting surface of a substrate. A solder bump is formed on a surface of each electrode. The solder bump is melted and joined to each electrode of the substrate. The semiconductor device in which the solder bumps are thus joined to the electrodes of the substrate is mounted on the substrate, while facing the substrate. The solder bump employed in the flip-chip semiconductor device has a size of approximately several tens of xcexcm to several hundred xcexcm, and is approximately the same as the electrode of the semiconductor chip. When the solder bump is melted and joined to the electrode, the solder bump is pressed to form a spherical shape. Therefore, a load is applied to the solder bump. In view of this, JP 2001-128466A discloses a technique in which, in order to make uniform the load applied to the solder bump, a bump-forming metal provided with an edge (a tapered edge) is used. According to the disclosed technique, the bump-forming metal is pressed to a predetermined height from a lower surface of the semiconductor chip. A surface of the bump-forming metal is formed to be stepped with a plane shape. Therefore, the load applied to the solder bump is made uniform. However, the disclosed technique has problems. When the semiconductor chip and the substrate are pressed together, the surface of the bump-forming metal is deformed, and stress is applied to the bump-forming metal. Therefore, stress applied to the bump-forming metal and to the solder bump changes in dependence on the position of the bump-forming metal. For example, the stress applied to the bump-forming metal becomes smaller at a position nearer to a center of the bump-forming metal. Therefore, a contact interface of the solder bump and the bump-forming metal is not likely to be stabilized. In this case, a problem may occur that the solder bump is detached from the bump-forming metal. Moreover, the number of the bump- c6a93da74d


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