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Disc Archiver is a reliable tool that allows you to quickly backup your data on archive discs, then restore it at a later time. The program can automate a large part of the backup creation and disc burning task, which allows you to save time. Protect important files in safe spaces, away from the risk of data loss.
Archive and backup
Disc Archiver is a multi-functional application which allows you to create backups for important data and burn it onto discs. The process of data archiving and disc burning is automated by the program. Moreover, the application can calculate the required disc space and separate the data in a smart manner, so you need to use the minimum number of discs.
A significant part of the process is automated, therefore, all you need to do is resupply with blank discs, at the program’s notification. You may create several copies and, optionally, enable the generation of an index file, in the .DB format, on each disc.
Data recovery
You can use Disc Archiver to also restore the data you archived and backed up on discs. The application can read the disc you insert and copy the data according to your indications: you may copy all the data in the selected folder or use the index file.
If you enabled the file indexing option when creating the backup disc, you may use it at this point, to automatically restore the data in its original location. Moreover, the existing files can be overwritten or renamed.
Repeat backup or recovery
Disc Archiver can save each session and display it in a designated table. The searching engine can help you identify the proper entry, then you may easily run it again, with the same parameters. Moreover, the application supports working with disc auto-loading devices, so you can skip manually supplying blank discs.
NOTE: You need to request an activation code, using a valid email address.









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Review your backups! Never loose your data again! It’s a quick & efficient backup management and recovery solution for PCs and Macs alike, with the most well-deserved and appreciated features.
You don’t have to start all your backups manually on a daily basis and you don’t have to spend hours and hours searching for the discs you’ve stored somewhere in your house.
* Very high data compression ratio * Automatic disk scanning for optimal and fast data retrieval * Configurable data extraction for individual objects, with a wide choice of extractor methods * Existing file size and name detection by default * Support for blank disc auto-loading devices * Support for multisession backup * Advanced backup of partitions * Automatically and instantly lists all your backups * And much more…
DISCARCHIVER allows you to do your backups right away, efficiently and fast, because of the following features:
* Minimalist and intuitive interface that makes the process of backing up data easy and with intuitive controls. * Very quick and efficient data extraction. * Smart data extraction from folders and files in their original form, taking into account file contents. * Data analysis: automatically archived files are checked for their existence and, if missing, stored on the backup disc. * Option to check the device you used to store data for corrupted backup files and to replace them automatically with the most recent backup. * Fast, reliable backups on multiple discs, thanks to the auto-loading device. * The program lets you adjust disc, partition and volume sizes, based on your data and device. * Very efficient and fast data scanning and archiving.
DISCARCHIVER is created by a dedicated team of professionals in the field of software development and its goal is to provide the best software on the market to those who need it the most. That is why we at DISCARCHIVER constantly work to identify new, useful and necessary features for the purpose of maintaining a flawless backup process for our users.
The backup discs and volumes are easy to transfer among devices and platforms. It is useful for archiving data you share with your friends and family and transferring it to a friend’s new notebook computer. Your files are

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Slovak Version
For this version we have reworked the progress interface, where we have added the ability to choose the default compression type and system locale. Also, we have added an option to archive a local folder with a proxy server; you may combine the proxy with an automatic proxy cache, to speed up the data transfer by using the cache (checked with the first data transfer in the archive).
Have a look at the screen below:

We have developed the following new options:
– a new interface for choosing the default compression, for the current archive or the entire repository.
– an option to connect a proxy server, for data transfer during the backup.
– an option to allow saving of some folders before their entire content.
– an option to specify additional folder paths for saving the content of certain folders.
– folders are now listed by date added to the archive. In the new version, the user is asked to confirm the creation of the folder.

We have improved the cacheing of the files during the backup process. Now the cache is read only and can be freely cleared without any risk to the archive.

A new option has been added, for users to create a trace of the backed up data, in order to have an idea of what will be restored on their PC, when the archive is loaded.

We have changed the method of unpacking and verifying the archive data. In the new version, an index file is created after the archive is loaded. All the necessary data are present in the index file; this file is NOT human readable and stores all the data on the archive. This feature allows you to perform data recovery on an archive, without opening or reading the entire archive. The index file is also compressed, so the user’s disk space is not affected.

The index file is created using a new algorithm, which is considerably faster than the old one.

New bugs fixed:
– the program didn’t correctly read the proxy settings.
– the time of the backup job was calculated incorrectly.
– the saving of a backup to a different HDD caused unexpected errors.
– the program didn’t load the original content of a directory, even if it could be found.
– the saved directories were not generated on the HDD.
– if a

Disc Archiver Activation Key

– Create a backup of files;
– Backup files and folders;
– Burn it on discs;
– Search for and find data on discs;
– Disc Archiver is useful for automating many tasks;
– The data is read from and written to the disc with random access;
– The data on a single disc may be written to several locations at a time.
System Requirements:
– Processor: Pentium III or faster;
– Memory: 1 GB (1 GB RAM);
– Hard disk: 16 GB or more;
– CD-ROM drive;
– Screen resolution: 1024×768 or higher;
– Internet connection;
– CD/DVD burning software: Easy CD Creator, Nero Burning ROM or another software of your choice;
Important Notes:
– It is not possible to back up data to any of the following discs: CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R or DVD-RW.
– You need a broadband connection to the Internet to download the program.
– We reserve the right to change, update or remove an application at any time. However, such changes may affect previous customers.
– The program has a built-in trial period. If you like it, download it without limitations.
– Uninstall your trial version and then download the full version.
– Please use the activation key to activate the program.
– To get a registration code, you need to register using a valid email.

An application that allows you to backup and restore your messages, contacts, calendar items and scheduled tasks. Data can be copied to a thumbdrive or an external hard drive and then restored with a simple press of a button.

Backup includes file system, email, contacts, calendar items and scheduled tasks. You can copy it to a thumbdrive or external hard drive and then restore it with a simple press of a button. The backup software can also back up a specified list of files with one click.

One of the best backup programs for Windows and with a large number of features to make the daily work easier. It can be used for all types of users and for backups of the PC, laptops and network computers.

It is a simple utility program that allows you to backup the important documents that you will need later. The program is easy to install and use, after which you may restore your documents, from various cloud accounts and USB drives, with just a click.

Allows you to easily backup your data

What’s New in the Disc Archiver?

The program is a powerful yet handy tool that can be used to back up your data on a disc, and then, can be easily restored later. It offers you many convenient features that will help you automatically create backups.
Some other interesting features include multiple copies of a file or folder, for archiving data; file system, zip and DB-index files, for disc burning; multiple file copy, to archive selected folders or lists of files; and a smart process of data separation and index making, which allows you to use the minimum number of discs.
It’s highly advisable to backup your files using this application, to secure them and save them from viruses and ransomware attacks.

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System Requirements For Disc Archiver:


OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP Service Pack 3.
Processor: 1.0 GHz Dual-core
Memory: 2 GB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 1 GB free space
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce® GTX 465/ATI Radeon™ HD 7870
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card with an onboard audio device.
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual-core


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