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Hello all,

Hoping this question is allowed on this sub.

I just had a check up after multiple years, and one of my concerns was the visibly black specks on a couple of my molars. They don’t hurt particularly, only occasionally after I’ve touched them and even then it’s a very minimal amount of pain.

That being said, they are visibly dark as I said and I read online that cavities look like that and that they should be fixed before they advance and become a bigger problem.

Now I know that this sub always says to trust your dentist. However, she took x rays and said I have nothing to worry about and that I was good to go. I was surprised and asked her to clarify if she really didn’t think I had any cavities, to which she responded “yes there are some on the surface but it’s nothing to worry about if they don’t hurt, just brush your teeth”. I asked if they will progress and become deeper she said no. She did offer to fix them but by this time I had a funny feeling and didn’t trust the clinic anymore (first time there) and thought to myself I’ll go get them fixed elsewhere, thanked her and left. They did seem very full and rushed so Im not sure whether that had something to do with it.

Is this a standard practice? I’m surprised because it’s not the first time I had cavities, I used to get them all the time when I was little and I cannot remember ever having a dentist tell me that they will leave cavities in my mouth. I can also smell a nasty stench when I floss in-between the affected molars so that’s another reason I wanted them fixed. I can post pictures of my molars if that would be helpful.

Thank you for your help!


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